About program

The aim of the Beauty Therapy programme is to prepare beauty therapy specialists in biomedical sciences study area, which are able to select and perform beauty services, seeking to enhance person’s physical appearance and increase his self-esteem. The program aims to develop students’ holistic view on a person, seeking internal and external unity, i.e. improvement of physical appearance and increasing of personal self-esteem. Student is educated based on common-human competencies, spiritual Christian values, based on which students work with clients. Much attention is paid to the unity of beauty and health responding to the principles of ecological lifestyle.

State code: 6531GX008
Field of studies: Cosmetology
Area of studies: Health Sciences
Mode of studies: full-time studies
Lenght of Programme: 3 academic years (180 ECTS)
Name of qualification: Professional Bachelor of Health Sciences

Access to professional activity or further study

The acquired Professional Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences enables a graduate to work in different areas where beauty services are provided: in beauty studios, salons, SPA centres, rehabilitation centres, in shopping and leisure centres, art projects, accommodation businesses (hotels, guest houses and holiday homes) where beauty therapy services are provided;  furthermore, they will be able to work and advise for the companies, heathcare  and other institutions or organisations which attend to the good physical appearance and self-esteem of their employees and clients; they will also be able to work as self-employed individuals.

Access to further studies: Graduates of first cycle higher education programme will be able to study further in second cycle catering, health sciences study fields programmes.

Studies and practice

Study subjects (modules), practical training:

Study modules: Introduction to professional studies; Holistic human cognition; Facial skin condition assesment and monitoring; Decorative cosmetics; Cosmetic procedures; Body treatments procedures; Hand and foot care; Nursing and personal care; Special procedures; Aesthetic rehabilitation in cosmetology; Employability design; Professional experiences.

The modular elements (study subjects): Studying primers; Philosophy; Professional values and ethics; Communication psychology; Foreign Language I; Basics of Law; Biochemistry and cosmetics chemistry; Anatomy, psysiology and pathology; Color theory and drawing; General cosmetology; Microbiology; Cosmetic procedures; Dermatology; Cosmetic equipment and apparatus; Decorative cosmetics; Course work; Emergency aid and job security; Basics of General and Aesthetic Surgery; The methodology of scientific applied research; Fundamentals of Pharmacology; Body treatments procedures; Hand care performance technology; Genetics and cytology; Spa procedures; Foot care technology; Personal hygiene and healthy living; Aromatherapy and phytotherapy; Business organisation and marketing of beauty; Physical medicine in beauty therapy;

Elective elements of the module (study subjects): Project development and management; Specialty language culture; Nail design; Information Technology; Information management; Public speaking.

Professional practice: Introduction practice; Technological practice (I); Technological practice (II); Customer service practices; Final practice.

Exchange studies: Possibility to take part in Erasmus+ exchange programme for studies and internships and get monthly scholarships of 300 – 700 Eur.

St. Ignatius of Loyola University of Applied Sciences conditions for admission

Minimal education of the applicant: Secondary

Additional points:

  • 1st – 3rd prize at international and national Olympiad competitions*
  • Professional experience. Diploma with honors of the same education field in vocational training programme or one year‘s work experience according to the qualification acquired (1 point)*
  • Certificate of completion of basic military training or permanent compulsory initial military service (0,5 point)*
  • Assessment of middle school final paper work (9 or more scores) (0,25 point)*
  • Certificate of completion of volunteering in long-term national or international youth programmes (3 months or more) (0,25 point)*

*The student adds additional data by himself by completing the application in the LAMA BPO system.