Student association

St. Ignatius of Loyola College Student Association is an independent organization, representing the interests of ILK students. Our Student Association fully represents and defends students’ rights and interests, within and outside Lithuania, related to their academic, social situation, welfare and status, actively contributes to developing a democratic, modern and effective higher education and ILK study system, corresponding to the student’s interests and guaranteeing protection of their rights, bringing the student body together for creating a democratic, legal and civil society in Lithuania, aiming for education, science and business synergy, caring for students social welfare, encouraging student interaction and cooperation.

To join this community all you have to do is show willingness, determination to work and solve the problems that your colleagues face. Come to St. Ignatius of Loyola College Student Association, which you can find in Vilniaus st. 29, on the 2nd floor, auditorium 211. Sign the contract and become a part of the ILK Student Association!

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