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All incoming students have mentors and student volunteer from College which help them to integrate in learning and living process.


Provided under request.

Credit and grading system

The use of credit system is essential element for a study programme accreditation and registration. Student workload is the tim­e necessary to complete all planned learning activities Credits can be obtained only after successful completion of the work required and appropriate assessment of the learning outcomes achieved.

Pass/fail system Marking system Definition
Pass 10 (Excellent) Excellent performance, outstanding knowledge and skills
9 (Very good) Strong performance, good knowledge and skills
8 (Good) Above the average performance, knowledge and skills
7 (Highly satisfactory) Average performance, knowledge and skills with unessential shortcomings
6 (Satisfactory) Below average performance, knowledge and skills with substantial shortcomings
5 (Sufficient) Knowledge and skills meet minimum criteria
Fail 4, 3, 2, 1 (Insufficient) Knowledge and skills do not meet minimum criteria/below minimum criteria